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Welcome to Timberwood Farm & Fiber

Nestled in central Virginia, Timberwood Farm
is a small, family run farm that is home to
several rare livestock breeds, honey bees, pasture
raised meat, and quality wool products.

The farm was founded on the philosophy that naturally
grown produce and humanely raised livestock produce
healthier, fresher, and sustainable products.  As a
result, our livestock are all pasture raised and fed,
providing them with the opportunity to bask and frolic
in the fresh air and sunshine.

We Specialize In:
  • Clun Forest Sheep & Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • Quality Breeding Stock
  • Pasture Raised Lamb and Pork
  • Quality Clun Forest Wool, Yarn, Roving, Fleece, & Pelts
  • Goat's Baa Goat's Milk Soap & Lip Balms

Pasture Raised Meat

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