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Meet our Clun Forest Sheep
Clun Forest Sheep are a very old breed of sheep that originated in the Clun
Valley region of Shropshire, England in the 1800s.  Early emphasis on the breed
was for a hardy, prolific sheep that could survive on grass and whatever else they
could forage.

The aim of most modern breeders of the Clun Forest is to perpetuate and improve
upon those early characteristics.  Today's Clun Forest sheep are known for their
outstanding mothering ability, tendency to bear twins, ability to forage & thrive on
a grass diet, longevity, lean carcass and a medium wool favored by hand-spinners.

In terms of appearance, Clun Forest are a naturally polled sheep, with an open
face ranging in color from tan to black.  The legs should be free from wool and are
also tan to black in color.  The body & fleece of the Clun forest are white, and
should be free from any dark or grey wool.

Our goal at Timberwood Farm is to produce largely self-sufficient sheep with an
emphasis on a lean meat carcass and fine wool.

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