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Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does - Page 3

Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed conformationally correct dairy goats
that provide outstanding milk production while still retaining the lovable
temperament and personality that characterizes the Nigerian Dwarf goat.
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                             Timberwood Catbird

Sire: Timberwood Nepal*S (Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308 X Kush-Hara Sensei
4*D AR2472 )
Dam: Timberwood Cocoa Krispies (Timberwood Malachite+S (AR HS) X Kush-Hara Obsidian
2*D AR2469

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Cocoa Krispies produced a very nice looking doe.  Catbird has a long level top line with  
excellent conformation and a pretty head.  C
atbird has lived up to her genetics in the milking
parlor.  Her udder is very well attached, with excellent capacity, and beautiful, easily milked
plumb teats.