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Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does - Page 1

Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed conformationally correct dairy goats
that provide outstanding milk production while still retaining the lovable
temperament and personality that characterizes the Nigerian Dwarf goat.
                   Springs Run MM Catori *D AR2247

Sire: PromisedLand LD Minute Man *S VG (ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw++*s  x
Caesar's Villa CBS Minuet 2*D E)
Dam: Springs Run Clementine (Gay-Mor Tut's Lifesaver *S x Wooly Dog Down Lemondrop E)

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Catori is a doe with impeccable breeding.  She is very long and level.   Catori's udder is nicely  
attached, with large, easily milked teats.  Catori produces very nice kids, with excellent
conformation and outstanding milking characteristics.  All of Catori's daughters have easily
earned their milk stars.  Catori averages butterfat of 6.5%.  
Catori is retired.
Senior Does:Page 2              
Reference Does
                     Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D AR2472

Sire: Kush-Hara Wyeth++*S (Kush-Hara Joel+S  X Sides Belle *D AR1758)
Dam: Kush-Hara Hopi 3*D AR1929 (Wooly Dog Down Regent Skipper *S x Kush-Hara Shelly
2*D AR1835)
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Sensei is an elegant, very dairy doe.  She is long, level and beautifully proportioned. She has
a very capacious udder with excellent attachment and plumb, easily milked teats. Sensei
produced 1,252 lbs of milk/76 lbs of butterfat/57 lbs of protein on DHIR milk test in 2012 --
Sensei has placed in both the 2013 and 2011 AGS Milk Production
Awards!  For 2013 she placed 2nd for Milk & Protein and Placed 4th for
butterfat.  In the 2011 AGS Milk Production Awards she tied for 4th in
Sensei is now retired.
                      Kush-Hara Osho 3*D AR2470

Sire: Kush-Hara Molto++*S (Wooly Dog Down Regent Skipper *S  X Kush-Hara Francesca
2*D AR1828)
Dam: Kush-Hara Whoppi 2*D AR1928 (Redbrook's Pizzazz X Bleating Heart's Licorice *D AR
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Osho comes from a line of does with great milking capacity and blue eyes.  She has a very
capacious udder with well placed, easily milked teats, which she has passed on to all her
daughters.  Osho is second generation blue eyes and has passed blue eyes onto her kids as
well.  While not her best year,  Osho produced 737 lbs of milk, 59 lbs of butterfat, and 33 lbs of
protein on DHIR Milk Test in 2012 -2013.  
Osho placed 7th in the 2011 AGS Milk
Production Awards for butterfat!!!!
Osho is retired.          
                     Kush-Hara Obsidian 2*D AR2469
Sire: Kush-Hara Mario+*S (Kush-Hara Wyeth++*S  X Sides Amazing Grace *D AR1760)
Dam: Sides Zoey *D (High Acre Halftones Neapolitan+*S x Honey Patch Chloe)

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Obsidian is a well built doe with solid conformation and as a nice udder with easy to milk teats,
and a tremendous amount of capacity.  Luckily, she passes these characteristics on to her
daughters.  Obsidian is one of our top milkers and produced 1,010 lbs of milk, 67 lbs of
butterfat, and 42 lbs of protein while on DHIR milk test in 2012 - 2013.
Obsidian placed
10th in the 2013 Milk Production Awards for Milk, Tied for 8th place in
Butterfat,  and tied for 9th Place in Protein!
Obsidian is now retired.
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                Timberwood Frangelica 4*D AR2468   
Sire: Springs Run BNS Cody+S  (Lost Valley TB Boones *S X Old Mountain Farm Bridget )
Dam: Kush-Hara Witch-Hazel 3*D AR2254 (Kush-Hara Molto++*S x Sides Penelope 2*D
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Frangelica combines some of the best genetics that our farm has to offer.  She has inherited
outstanding mammary capabilites from both sides of her pedigree.  To top it off, she is a very
refined doe with delicate features.  Frangelica is one of our top producing does.  While on milk
test in 2011-2012 she produced 692 lbs of milk/ 56 lbs butterfat/ 31lbs protein and a butterfat
average of 8.1%
             Timberwood Honey Smacks 12*D AR2910

Sire: Timberwood Dublin Mudslide*S (Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S X Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D
AR2472 )
Dam: Timberwood Iris 11*D AR2696 (Avian Acres Chocolate Mousse X Timberwood Tamarand
10*D AR2557)
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Honey Smacks is a very pretty doe with nice length, good conformation, a beautiful head and
expression.  She comes from a very long line of outstanding milkers, and she has continued
that line.  Honey Smacks easily earned her  DHIR Milk Star as a first freshener.