2018 Spring Arrivals - Nigerian Dwarf Kids (Page 2)
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             Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Schedule

Kid Reservations:         
If you would like to reserve a kid from a particular breeding, please let us know and you will be  
notified as soon as the kids are born.  We don't require a deposit at the time of reservation, but
once the reserved kid has been born and the buyer has decided to go ahead with the
purchase, then we will ask for half the purchase price as a deposit until pick-up or shipping
arrangement can be made. The balance will be due prior to shipping or at the time of pick

Reservations may also be made for bucks, but please note that we will not sell a buck  that we
wouldn't use in our own breeding program.   Any bucklings we determine are not  suitable for   
breeding will be neutered and sold as pet wethers.                               

Right to Retain a Kid:
While we try to indicate above in the "reservation" section of the page which breeding we are      
interested in retaining a kid from, we do reserve the right to retain kids from any of the  
breedings listed. We will let you know as soon as possible if this impacts your

If you would like to reserve a kid from our Spring 2018  matches, please Contact Us.     
Our Spring 2018  Nigerian Dwarf Kids Have Arrived!

If none of the kids shown here grab your fancy, then please make sure that you check out our
Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Schedule  for dates and reservations on upcoming kids.    

The photos on this page are to give you an idea of  the general color and appearance of the
kid.  If you are interested in a particular kid, we would be more than happy to send you
additional photos so you can get a better idea of size, color and conformation.
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