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Nigerian Dwarf Junior Does - Page 2

Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed conformationally correct dairy goats
that provide outstanding milk production while still retaining the lovable
temperament and personality that characterizes the Nigerian Dwarf goat.
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                           Timberwood Storm Petrel               

Sire: Timberwood Dublin Mudslide*S (Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S X Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D
Dam: Timberwood Peru (Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308 X Timberwood Sentra 4*D

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Storm Petrel is a doe with both style and substance.  She also has nice length and
conformation.   Her dam and sire exemplify  a combination of some of our best milking lines,
so she should do very well in the milking parlor.  Her dam, Peru, has a nicely attached udder
with good capacity.
                             Timberwood Snow Goose

Sire: Timberwood Dublin Mudslide*S (Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S X Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D
Dam: Timberwood Cybele 2*D AR2694 (Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308 X Pemberley
Acres Jade *D AR2255)

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Snow Goose is  long and level with nice conformation, and a pretty head and expression.  She
also inherited her dam's striking blue eyes.  Cybele is one of our best milkers and has already
produced a daughter who is another outstanding milker.  We anticipate that Snow Goose will
mature into a doe with outstanding mammary characteristics.
                                   Timberwood Loon

Sire: Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308 (Springs Run BNS Cody+S X Kush-Hara
Whoppi 2*D)
Dam: Timberwood Malta (Timberwood Malachite+S (AR HS) X Timberwood Athena 3*D

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Loon is a little on the small side, but we are hoping that she continues to grow and fill out.  
Despite her size, she is long and level with nice conformation.  She combines two of our
outstanding milking lines, so we will be keeping an eye on her as she matures.  Her dam,
Malta has an extremely impressive udder with excellent capacity and nice fore and rear
                         Linsins BSR Wink And A Nod

Sire: Dill's CH High Speed Chase (Dill's B&R Church x Dill's BH Fiesty)
Dam: Hawks View Farm OKS Belmont (Phoenix Farm One Knight Stand x AGS Moon
Spinner's Cisco's Cree

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Winky comes from our friend's the Linsin's of Black Snake Ridge.  She is an impeccably bred
doe from some very nice show and milking lines.  Winky is a very well put together young doe
with nice length and excellent conformation.  We are eagerly waiting to see how she matures.