Nigerian Dwarf Kidding Schedule

                                    Goats for Sale!!!

    At Timberwood Farm, all of our Nigerian Dwarf breeding stock is AGS (American Goat Society)
    registered and they are also eligible for NDGA (Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association) registration.

    We test annually for CAE, Brucellosis, and TB.  We used to test for Johnes and CL, but the tests
    are very inaccurate in goats so we stopped testing in 2008.  During the time frame we were
    testing, our herd tested negative for CL and Johnes.  To date, we have never had a contagious
    abscess in our herd, and none of our goats have ever been symptomatic for Johnes.  The entire
    herd is currently Certified Brucellosis and TB free.  In addition, all our goats have tested negative
    for CAE.  Our last testing date was February 11, 2013.

    Although we do breed for milk production as well as conformation, our kids are dam fed until they
    are weaned at 8-10 weeks of age.  Keeping the kids with their dams helps them to learn
    acceptable herd behavior, provides us with an opportunity to determine which does are good
    mothers, and generally ensures happy and healthy goats.  All kids are handled daily and provided
    with lots of love and attention to ensure friendly, happy kids.

    Believing that  having someone available to answer questions and provide support helps ensure
    the continued well being of our goats, we are always available to buyers to answer questions,
    provide information, and assist in whatever way we can.  Since the health of our goats is our
    primary concern, we reserve the right to refuse the sale of a goat to anyone who cannot provide
    the following basic requirements:

  • Quality feed (hay, minerals, grain when required)
  • Fresh water
  • Clean, dry shelter
  • Secure fencing
  • Veterinarian services
  • Routine care (vaccinations, worming, hoof trimming)

    Prices for our registered breeding quality animals usually range from about $300 to $600. All
    registrable goats will be tattooed.  Since we want to keep our herd to a manageable size, any
    bucklings that are not being retained, or have not been reserved, by the time they are two months
    old  will be neutered and sold as pet wethers (neutered bucks). Given that the Nigerian Dwarfs
    goats often have multiple births, there is a good chance that we will have some pet wethers
    available each year. Pet wethers are $75.00. Depending on availability, a pet wether may be
    offered at no charge as a companion animal with the purchase of a registered doe or buck.
    Discounts will also be given children participating in 4H..

    If you would like to reserve a kid from a particular breeding, please let us know and you will be
    notified as soon as the kids are born.  We don't require a deposit at the time of reservation, but
    once the reserved kid has been born and the buyer has decided to go ahead with the purchase,
    then we will ask for half the purchase price as a deposit until pick-up or shipping arrangements
    can be made. The balance will be due prior to shipping or at the time of pick-up.
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