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    The Nigerian Dwarf is a dairy goat breed.  Much smaller than the traditional dairy     
    breeds, Nigerian Dwarf  goats stand between 17 - 20 inches tall at the withers.  
    Characterized by a long body, level topline, erect ears, and flat to slightly dished
    muzzle, the Nigerian Dwarf is a well proportioned dairy goat in miniature.  Milk
    production averages 1-2 quarts a day, with a butterfat content between 6 - 10%.  
    Their lower milk average makes them ideal for a small family, and their high butterfat
    content makes them an excellent choice for homemade cheese, yogurt and ice

    They have a gentle, friendly personality that combined with their smaller size make
    them perfect for just about anyone to handle!

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Meet our Nigerian Dwarf Goats!    
3 Does placed in the Top 10 of the 2013 AGS Milk Production

Sensei place 2nd for both Milk & Protein, and  4th for Butterfat.
Obsidian Tied for 8th for Butterfat, Tied for 9th in Protein, and 10th for
Bacardi placed 6th for Protein

3 does placed in the Top 10 of the 2011 American Goat Society Milk
Production Awards!!!!

Sensei Tied for 4th for butterfat AND tied for 9th for Protein
Osho placed 7th for Butterfat
Moonshine Tied for 8th for Butterfat
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