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Clun Forest Ewes - Page 1
Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed self-sufficient sheep with an emphasis
on a lean meat carcass and fine wool. Toward this end, we selected ewes for our
foundation ewes trace directly back to five top UK rams
(Saltersford's Derek,
Pen-Y-Wern's Beater
, Court Llaca's 3815, Guifron's 4150, and Easter

Our ewes are pasture raised and only occasionally receive grain as a treat.  We
participate in the Clun Forest Lambplan.  In addition, our stock is OPP, Scrapie,
and foot rot free.
                      Touchstone Opal (14)
                                    2011 Fiber Score: 34.7 Microns
                                    Lambplan Score:

Sire: Touchstone Rupert 2R-00085 (Court Llacca  3815 x Prairie 2L-00121)
Dam: Touchstone M07 (Saltersford P512 x Linden Hill Buttercup 2E-00073)

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Opal is a strongly built ewe with an nice quality fleece, ideally suited to handspinning.  Her face
& legs are mostly wool free, and her ears are set at the correct "11 & 1" position.   Opal is a very
friendly ewe, and is usually the first to greet us when we enter the pasture.  
                       Touchstone Pearl (13)
                                       2011 Fiber Score: 26.8 Microns
                                       Lambplan Score:

Touchstone Rudy 2R00100 (Easter Beltie 4153 x Touchstone N04 2N-00034)
Dam:Touchstone N38 2N-00046 (Touchstone Launce 2L-00027 x Touchstone H06

                                               Click here for Extended Pedigree

Pearl has the classic Clun face - wool free with a narrow muzzle, full topknot, and erect ears.  
In addition, she is a well built ewe showing good frame size, parasite resistance, and the
finest fleece in the flock with staple length suitable for hand-spinning.
                      Touchstone T07 (Ivory)
                                     2011 Fiber Score: 34.0 Microns               
                                     Lambplan Score:                        

Sire: Touchstone Sampson 2S-00093 (Guifron 4150 x Touchstone N29 2N-00042)            
Dam: Touchstone M04 2M-00062 (Pen-Y-Wern 3615 x Georgian Shell Delta 2D-00241       
                                         Click here for Extended Pedigree

Ivory is an all-round nice ewe.  She is well built with a classic Clun face - wool free with a     
narrow muzzle, full topknot, and relatively erect ears.  Her legs are wool free and she has a
nice quality fleece.           
                     Blue Heron T04 (Ruby)
                                    2011 Fiber Score: 33.5 Microns
                                    Lambplan Score:

Touchstone Marcus 2M-00060 (Pen-Y-Wern 3615 x Georgian Shell Delta 2D-00241)
Dam: Touchstone R063 (Touchstone M08 2M-00065 x CTF J87 2J-00065)

                                              Click here for Extended Pedigree

Ruby is the largest of our ewes.  She is very well built in terms of size, conformation and
substance.  She has a bit of wool on her face & legs, but she has a decent quality fleece.  
Ruby shows excellent parasite resistance and she is probably the tamest of our ewes.
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