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Clun Forest Ewes - Page 1
Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed self-sufficient sheep with an emphasis
on a lean meat carcass and fine wool. Toward this end, we selected ewes for our
foundation stock whom we believe embodied these characteristics.  All our
foundation ewes trace directly back to five top UK rams
(Saltersford's Derek,
Pen-Y-Wern's Beater
, Court Llaca's 3815, Guifron's 4150, and Easter

Our ewes are pasture raised and only occasionally receive grain as a treat.  We
participate in the Clun Forest Lambplan.  In addition, our stock is OPP, Scrapie,
and foot rot free.
                       Touchstone Opal (14)
                                     2011 Fiber Score: 34.7 Microns
                                     Lambplan Score:

Sire: Touchstone Rupert 2R-00085 (Court Llacca  3815 x Prairie 2L-00121)
Dam: Touchstone M07 (Saltersford P512 x Linden Hill Buttercup 2E-00073)

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Opal is a strongly built ewe with an nice quality fleece, ideally suited to handspinning.  Her face
& legs are mostly wool free, and her ears are set at the correct "11 & 1" position.   Opal is a very
friendly ewe, and is usually the first to greet us when we enter the pasture.  
                        Touchstone Pearl (13)
                                        2011 Fiber Score: 26.8 Microns
                                        Lambplan Score:

Touchstone Rudy 2R00100 (Easter Beltie 4153 x Touchstone N04 2N-00034)
Dam:Touchstone N38 2N-00046 (Touchstone Launce 2L-00027 x Touchstone H06

                                                Click here for Extended Pedigree

Pearl has the classic Clun face - wool free with a narrow muzzle, full topknot, and erect ears.  
In addition, she is a well built ewe showing good frame size, parasite resistance, and the
finest fleece in the flock with staple length suitable for hand-spinning.
                       Touchstone T07 (Ivory)
                                      2011 Fiber Score: 34.0 Microns               
                                      Lambplan Score:                        

Sire: Touchstone Sampson 2S-00093 (Guifron 4150 x Touchstone N29 2N-00042)            
Dam: Touchstone M04 2M-00062 (Pen-Y-Wern 3615 x Georgian Shell Delta 2D-00241       
                                          Click here for Extended Pedigree

Ivory is an all-round nice ewe.  She is well built with a classic Clun face - wool free with a     
narrow muzzle, full topknot, and relatively erect ears.  Her legs are wool free and she has a
nice quality fleece.           
                      Blue Heron T04 (Ruby)
                                     2011 Fiber Score: 33.5 Microns
                                     Lambplan Score:

Touchstone Marcus 2M-00060 (Pen-Y-Wern 3615 x Georgian Shell Delta 2D-00241)
Dam: Touchstone R063 (Touchstone M08 2M-00065 x CTF J87 2J-00065)

                                               Click here for Extended Pedigree

Ruby is the largest of our ewes.  She is very well built in terms of size, conformation and
substance.  She has a bit of wool on her face & legs, but she has a decent quality fleece.  
Ruby shows excellent parasite resistance and she is probably the tamest of our ewes.
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