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Nigerian Dwarf Bucks
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                 Timberwood Dublin Mudslide*S

Sire: Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S (PromisedLand LD Full House+*S X Dill's GO Jumble Bug 5*D)
Dam: Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D AR2472 (Kush-Hara Wyeth++*S x Kush-Hara Hopi 3*D AR1929 )

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Dublin Mudslide is a very impressive young buck.  He has very nice length along with  
outstanding conformation.   He is definitely a testament to the quality of kids that Gin Rummy
produced, and we are glad that we are able to keep his genetics going through such a quality
buck .  His dam, Sensei, is currently nationally ranked in terms of milk & butterfat percentage.

Dublin's kids have just freshened and so far they have beautiful udders with easily milked
teats and nice capacity.
Pasture Raised Meat
                  Timberwood Lucky Charms*S

Sire: Timberwood Malachite+S (AR HS) (Ponders End DG Pimlico+S X Kush-Hara
Witch-Hazel 3*D AR2254)
Dam: Kush-Hara Obsidian 2*D AR2469 (Kush-Hara Mario+*S X Sides Zoey *D)

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Lucky Charms is another gorgeous buck from two outstanding milking lines.  He combines
two of the best lines in our herd.  His sire, Malachite, consistently produces beautiful kids that
perform well in the milking parlor, and his dam, Obsidian, finished in the AGS "Top Ten"
production awards for 2013.  Lucky Charms continues to produce very nice kids for us.
                          Timberwood Nepal*S

Sire: Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308 (Springs Run BNS Cody+S X Kush-Hara
Whoppi 2*D)
Dam: Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D AR2472 (Kush-Hara Wyeth++*S X Kush-Hara Shelly 2*D
                                                Click here for Extended Pedigree

Nepal is long, with level top line, excellent conformation, and beautiful head & expression, and
has his Sire's blue eyes.  He combines two of our best milk lines,  and he has matured into a
beautiful buck that produces pretty kids that are conformationally correct.
                          Timberwood Myanmar*S  

Sire: Lost Valley ML Castello De Poggio *S (MCH Lost Valley Malachi*S X ARMCH Lost Valley
KW Shiraz 3*D AR2228)
Dam: Pemberley Acres Jade*D AR2255 (Springs Run SLV Sinbad x Sides Edelweiss)

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Myanmar combines two of our best outside lines.  He is long, level, solidly built with very nice
conformation.  Given the genetics behind him on both sides of his pedigree, he should
produce some outstanding milkers.  

Myanmar's first kids were born this fall, and he has produced some very nice looking kids.  We
are looking forward to seeing how they mature.
Our goal at Timberwood Farms is to breed conformationally correct dairy goats
that  provide outstanding milk production while still retaining the lovable
temperament and personality that characterizes the Nigerian Dwarfs. Each of our
bucks were selected to be part of our breeding program because we believe that
they will enhance and compliment the does in our herd in terms of dairy
character, conformation and strong mammary backgrounds.