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~ Timberwood Farm & Fiber ~

Buck Reference Page

The following bucks played a very important role in the development of our
current  Nigerian Dwarf herd.  Although they are no longer here at Timberwood
Farm, their legacy lives on through their progeny.
             Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S (AR HS)
4/9/06 - 4/16/10
Sire: PromisedLand LD Full House+*S (ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw++*S E x   
Caesar's Villa GD Zippy 3*D)
Dam: Dill's GO Jumble Bug 5*D (Green Gate Golden Oak +*S x 4 Fun Little Jambalaya 4*D)

 Click here for Extended Pedigree

He has outstanding genetics on both sides of his pedigree, and he is a nicely balanced, long
bodied, beautifully built buck with a gentle disposition.  We are looking forward to adding
some Green Gate genetics into our herd and have high hopes for Gin Rummy as one of our
herd sires.

Sadly we lost Gin Rummy in the spring of 2010.  Luckily we had used him heavily in our
previous fall's breeding, so we have many kids to pass on his legacy, including a couple of
very nice buck kids.
                 Springs Run BNS Cody+S
Sire: Lost Valley TB Boones *S (MCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo +*S E x Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D)
Dam: Old Mountain Farm Bridget (MCH Rosasharn's Patrick Quinn + *S G+ x Old Mountain     
Farm McDermott *D VG AR1899)

 Click here for Extended Pedigree

We are very excited about adding Cody to our herd.  He has outstanding genetics on both
sides of his pedigree, and he is a nicely balanced, well blended buck with very correct
conformation.  In addition, he has a sweet and gentle disposition.  Based on the kids he has
produced so far, Cody is a very valuable addition to our breeding program.

Cody has gone on to become a herd sire for the Kirk family of West Virginia.  I am sure that he
will sire many beautiful kids for their herd as well.
               Timberwood Turtle Soup*S
Sire: Dill's FH Gin Rummy+*S (PromisedLand LD Full House+*S X Dill's GO Jumble Bug 5*D)
Dam: Kush-Hara Sensei 4*D AR2472 (Kush-Hara Wyeth+*S x Kush-Hara Hopi 3*D AR1929 )

 Click here for Extended Pedigree

Turtle Soup looks to follow in his sire's footsteps in terms of conformation and temperament.  
He has nice length and near perfect conformation.  He is also a very calm, friendly boy.  His
dam, Sensei, is one of our best performers on DHIR Milk Test.  So far, Turtle has produced
some really nice kids for us.  He is being offered for sale because we have his brother.

Turtle has gone on to be the herd sire for the Strother's in Tennessee.  He should sire many
beautiful kids for them, just as he has done for us here at Timberwood Farm.
        Lost Valley ML Castello De Poggio *S
7/29/11 - 12/18/13
Sire: MCH Lost Valley Malachi*S (MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm+*S x Lost Valley
Zinfandel 3*D)
Dam: ARMCH Lost Valley KW Shiraz 3*D AR2228 (Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood++*S x Hill
Country's Shatarr 2*D)

 Click here for Extended Pedigree

Castello brings some outstanding milk and show bloodlines to our herd.  He is a very well put
together boy with style, substance, and excellent conformation.  His paternal Grandmother,
Lost Valley Zinfandal 3*D is one of our favorite does, so we are very happy to be bringing back
her genetics to our herd.
 We lost Castello unexpectedly on December 18, 2013.  Luckily, we
had used him heavily for this fall's and next spring's kids, so his genetics will live on in our
            Timberwood Malachite+S (AR HS)
4/14/07 - 9/12/15
Sire: Ponders End DG Pimlico+S (Ponders End MTB Dancing Gecko x Mighty Fine Prissy VG)
Dam: Kush-Hara Witch-Hazel 3*D AR2254(Kush-Hara Molto++*S x Sides Penelope 2*D
                     Click here for Extended Pedigree

Malachite has inherited the best from both his sire and dam.  The photos don't do him justice,
but he is very long and level with excellent conformation and nice angulation.  To top it off,
Malachite has a beautiful head and a very affectionate and docile temperament.  To date,
Malachite has consistently improved upon conformation in the kids he has produced.

Sadly, we lost Malachite on September 12, 2015.  He was our top producer in terms of
passing on his excellent conformation, beautiful heads, and outstanding milking capacity.  He
will be greatly missed, but luckily we used him heavily over the past couple of years so we
have many of his daughters in the herd and we have one son to pass on his legacy.
Avian Acres Chocolate Mousse+S (AR HS) PS1309
Sire: Heidi's Mini Acres Lewis (Sugar Creek TW Venture A Look X Heidi's Mini Acres Bell)
Dam: Sugar Creek NT Wink  (Sugar Creek MT Sally's Nate X Sugar Creek SS Silhouette)

  Click here for Extended Pedigree

Mousse is a beautifully put together buck with outstanding milk genetics on both sides of his
pedigree.  He is a long, level boy with excellent leg set.  His maternal grand-dam, Sugar Creek
SS Silhouette holds the all time record for milk production on a One Day test - 6 lbs.   

Mousse is an Advance Registry Buck with more than 3 daughters who have earned their
Advanced Registry Milk Stars.
 After many years of producing outstanding milkers, Mousse has
moved on to his next herd.
          Kush-Hara Glenlivet+*S (AR HS) PS1308

Sire: Springs Run BNS Cody+S (Lost Valley TB Boones *S X Old Mountain Farm Bridget)
Dam: Kush-Hara Whoppi 2*D  (Redbrook's Pizzazz  X Bleating Hearts Licorice *D)

Click here for Extended Pedigree

Glenlivet is an arresting buck.  He has very unusual patterning, brilliant blue eyes, and solid
conformation.  His mother, Whoopi, is an easy milker, and has been averaging 8.6% butterfat
and 4.8% protein while on Milk Test this year.   His twin sister placed in the AGS 2013 "Top
Ten" production awards.

After many years of producing outstanding milkers, Glenlivet has moved on to another herd.
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