In addition to our other creatures, here at Timberwood Farm we also maintain
    several hives of honey bees.  The honey bee habit originally started as a means to
    increase pollination of our fruit and vegetables, but over the years our fascination
    with the bees themselves has increased to the point where they have become a well
    established part of our farm.

    Known for their resistance to Varoa Mites, gentleness, and ability to winter on limited
    stores, the Buckfast Bee is our honey bee of choice.
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Honey Bees!

2017 Honey Prices

All honey is pure raw, unprocessed light
amber extracted honey.  

  • 1 lb Glass jar = Not Available       

Unfortunately, due to several hive losses
over the past couple of years, we do not
currently have any honey available for
sale.  We have purchased more bees this
year, so please check back next year for
honey availability.

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Award winning honey

2006 Virginia State Fair
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