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~ Timberwood Farm & Fiber ~

Timberwood Farm Pasture Raised Meat
  Why buy Timberwood Farm pasture raised meat?
Do you want a meat with flavor? Are you looking for pasture-raised meat that is
free of sodium injections, free of
added hormones and antibiotics? Are you an
advocate for humanely-raised animal operations?. Do you want to support a local
business by purchasing local meat?  If you answered "yes" to any of these, then
our pasture raised meat is for you!

Our pasture raised sheep and pigs are never given any
artificial hormones,
growth supplements, or antibiotics used on a routine basis.   We do on occasion
supplement their pasture diet with an all natural, non-medicated feed formulated
specifically for their dietary needs.

Lamb is from our pastured Clun Forest Sheep and it has a mild yet rich flavor
and is wonderful for any lamb enthusiast or anyone new to lamb. We sell whole
lambs, half lambs,  and we also sell individual meat cuts.  Our lamb is normally
processed in the fall and winter, so whole & half lambs are only available then.  
Individual cuts of lamb are available throughout the year.

Pork comes from pasture-raised Berkshire hogs who free-range on
wooded/open pasture paddocks where they eat a varied diet of pasture grasses,
roots, acorns, and whatever else they can forage, as well as fresh milk from our
Nigerian Dwarf goats.   We normally process the pigs in the late summer and we
offer whole, half and individual cuts of meat - including bacon.

We raise
Narragansett Turkeys, and they are available only at Thanksgiving.  
You can purchase a live bird to process yourself or a bird that we process for you.

Please click on the links below for ordering information
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Turkey Ordering
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